We all have a love/hate relationship with organizing. We hate the idea of organizing but love it once its finished. Help get your kitchen organized by visiting Command Brand Products they are the perfect partners!


  1. Fist gather all supplies and determine what various areas you plan to organize. Follow all surface prep on your instruction manual.


2. Avoid placing adhesive strips over grout. Free up cabinet space by hanging strainers on the walls instead.


3. Use two clear medium hooks on the outside of the cabinets and neatly store measuring cups and spoons.


4. Mount your Command Quarts Key Rail on the wall near the stove. Instead of keeping your oven mitts in drawers or on countertops, keep them on the key rail for easy access when you need them.


5. Use your Command clear round cord clips to attach simple light bulbs around the edge of your shelves or cabinets.


6. All Finished!