Facebook No Longer Has Just The Like Button, Say Hello To Emoji Reactions

Like every other change Facebook has made to its interface Emoji Reactions has been meet with a mix of very strong reactions. The good news:  We can express them all in a non-binary way at last. As a response to the long running call for a “dislike” button, the new set of reactions is a brilliant solution in a number of ways:

  • You can now lament the “emojification” of online communications or you can see what a great opportunity it is for marketers and researchers alike
  • Facebook is now creating a way to track there users reactions that are accurate and consistent to build into their API
  • Before Wednesday, “Reactions” were available in only seven countries: Ireland, Spain, Chile, the Philippines, Portugal, Colombia and Japan. Krug said results from those countries have been highly positive. (Forbes/Tech)

What do you think about Emoji Reactions?