Everything You Need To Know | Ocean Beach

What To Do At Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Whether you come to walk in the invigorating air or just sit in the sandy dunes and think, you’ll feel refreshed by the beautiful expanse of sea and sky. There are usually a few people fishing, and others picnicking on the beach, while kids and dogs play in the sand, and people walk and jog along the water line. Except for a few really warm days, the beach is surprisingly uncrowded for being in an urban area. The sand looks black in places, not because of oil spills or pollution, but due to particles of magnetite, a magnetic rock that washes up after storms. (It will cling to a magnet.) A sandy path runs along the tops of the dunes, through the ice plant, which is perfect for strolling, and a paved path lies just across the Great Highway, very popular with walkers and cyclists.